IT Consulting

Supporting  projects and teams with our IT experience since 1996.

Strategic thinking.  Optimizing processes. Arranging systems for maximum performance. Empowering teams and individuals.

And often more important: Team Coaching.

Team Synergy Coaching

This is where the magic happens – as soon as a team reaches a certain level of consciousness through integrity, trust and purpose a new level of productivity through synergy takes place.

How does this happen?
By empowering everyone in their own strengths and careful arranging and conducting the responsibilities and skills, giving each and everyone as much freedom as possible.

Software Architecture and Development

Yes, we do get our hands dirty in a huge variety of languages, frameworks and environments. Some are:

Java: Spring, JEE
JavaScript, TypeScript: Node.js, React, Angular
.Net: C#, Visual Basic
Blockchain: Solidity, Stellar, IPFS
Android & iOS development
Databases: SQL and NoSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB
Messaging, REST, JSON, 
SOA, SaaS, Cloud, Microservices

Creating and transforming software architecture.

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