IT Consulting

Supporting your projects and teams with our IT experience since 1996.

Software Architecture and Development

Yes, we do get our hands dirty in a huge variety of languages, frameworks and environments. Some are:

Java: Spring, Hibernate, JEE, 
JavaScript, TypeScript: Node.js, jQuery, React, Angular
.Net: C#, Visual Basic
Blockchain: Solidity, Stellar, IPFS
Android & iOS development
Databases: SQL and NoSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB
Messaging, REST, JSON, SOA, SaaS, Cloud

Team Synergy Coaching

This is where the magic happens – as soon as a team reaches a certain level of consciousness through integrity, trust and purpose a new level of productivity through synergy takes place.

Business and Personal Coaching

Available on our German website: https://energetics.sysone.de