The Peak Decade and how to thrive in it

Huge changes are coming. Strategists say we should get ready for the „Peak Decade“, which means many markets and other phenomenon will reach their peak. They mention: automotive, oil demand, central banks, globalization, capitalism, inequality, youth and  climate change . (Bloomberg article: “Welcome to Peak Decade”)

Each single one of these has the potential to dramatically change lots of industries, affecting hundreds of thousands of jobs. And this means people will need to change, learn new things, maybe live a completely different life. Companies will need to change, too: what they do, how they do it, how teams work together and how they innovate.

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Due to the complexity and the speed of change our normal linear thinking won’t be enough: we can’t predict what is coming based in the past, and we can’t guess and calculate the future, no matter how sophisticated the algorithm or data.

The only way to navigate into our future is by connecting to a higher intelligence. This is sometimes called the “flow state”, or “brain-heart-coherence”, where individuals, teams and even larger groups of people tap into an intelligent, conscious energy field that can guide us and provide us with information which is way beyond our limited human mind to comprehend. But we can follow this higher intelligence into our future by listening to it and communicating with it.

All big inventions have been made like this – some people actively induce flow states with drugs, others get their insights while in meditation or right before falling asleep… and some get into the flow by doing sports activities. (You might want to read “Stealing Fire” from Steven Knotler & Jamie Wheal)

People and companies who find a way to reach the flow state, tap into the higher intelligence and take the information “down” into the market will thrive… they will be the leaders of the future.

To do this, one needs to develop the ability to reach the flow state and communicate with that intelligence. It is quite easy, once you clear your mind and emotions of unnecessary clutter and heal a bit of old wounding you might still have. Why? Because the information is best accessed with a pure consciousness, clear channels, and you can’t allow yourself to get in the way.

I teach people how to clear their channels, how to develop the necessary perception and how to connect with this higher intelligence. This can be applied to teams and companies as well.

Contact me and we will have a chat on how this can work for you.

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