Boris Schickedanz

The Change Wizard

Boris discovered his passion and feeling for future trends and how they can benefit organizations early in his life and has since applied his talent in many different roles and companies. He has a deep feeling and perception of all energies that compose our reality – and the capability to change it.

Skills in IT, coaching, psychology and consciousness research complete his profile.

Top Strenghts: Feeling and Changing Energy, Seeing the Future, Strategy, Connecting, Learning, Arranging, Maximizing.


system ONE GmbH

Our physical office is located in Germany (not that it matters from where we work, but this is where you should send any postal mail):

system ONE GmbH
Zur Kleinbahn 17
63579 Freigericht

info @ sysone.de

For the Impressum (German legal stuff), click here: Impressum

sysONE energetics

Individual energy training, group energy training and consciousness development.

German website: https://energetics.sysone.de